Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Verdun Affair, a Book Review

I follow a number of Book Publishers on Facebook. Reading is my number two hobby behind quilting. And if it comes to something portable a book fills the bill perfectly for me. Many of the Publishers offer contests for an opportunity to read a book ahead of the scheduled publication date. These books are then referred to as Advance Reader's Edition or Advance Reader's Copy.

The Verdun Affair is the first book that I "won" in one of these contests. I will freely admit I am not likely to select a war story as my first choice for reading material but this one was different. The story is set in two primary locations and two different time periods. The story begins in post world War I Europe, mainly Italy and France and winds up in 1950 in Los Angeles. Three individuals are all connected to a soldier who experiences severe amnesia following the war. He is situated in a hospital and it is there that the three main characters try to interact with him. Each wishing he is a specific person for their own reasons.

There is romance, history and just plain good writing in this book. At the conclusion of the novel, Nick Dybek, the author provides an annotated list of some of the sources he used as he wrote the book. These are added value as for me it is a time period about which I could learn so much more.

Piecefully, Joanne

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