Thursday, May 9, 2013

A great day in Kincardine

Yesterday was the sunset Quilt Guild in Kincardine. It was the day for the big reveal of our monthly banners. The whole guild was divided into small groups and each group picked a month. Ours was July. The patterns for this project were by Kim Schaeffer and American designer so July was fireworks and the fourth of July. So we had to redesign the project for our Canadian audience. All the hangings are being donated to the new Community Living building next month. I must say we have a talented and creative group.
One of the regular features of the guild is "The Survey" held each May. The survey seeks feedback on guild members quilting background and interests as well as what aspects of the guild members participated in. Then asks for ideas for future speakers, programs or workshops. The Survey results are presented in June and my observation is that this is used to influence the program and Guild activities the following year. Our group had too much to say so we didn't finish all the questions. But most groups did finish.
My scrap quilt workshop is happening next week as is our daughter's move into the new townhouse. Grandpa will head down to help with the move. Who knew last September when we set the workshop date that it would be such a crazy spring. Piecefully, Joanne