Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to sewing again

This little duffle bag was made for my grandson. There is a blue one for my other grandson. During my first visit to Charlottesville, Xavier found some bee fabric at the local quilt shop. He thought I should buy some and make something for him with the fabric. Hence the duffle bag. They are apparently just the right size for a sleep over.

My quilting "mojo" was lost in the shuffle of cleaning out my sewing room. I can say that my sewing room has been cleaned and everything has been sorted. The room is ready to be used. At the last Kincardine Sunset Quilt Guild meeting one of the members approached me at the break. She told me how her niece had been given one of the quilts I donated to Project Linus last spring. The aunt, a member of the guild, recognized it from show and tell at the quilt guild meeting. She had taken a picture of her niece with the quilt and told me how much the quilt meant to the niece. I was mighty close to tears. So often we make quilts and give them away hoping they will end up in a good home where someone cares for them. This time I got the proof in a picture and the story from the aunt.

I felt reinvigourated after the guild meeting and have been in my sewing room daily since then. I have a line up of over 8 quilt tops ready for quilting and several others close to being tops. The fun has returned to this activity. So over the next month as I get these quilted I plan to post pictures and I think I just might reach my goal of 50 quilts from stash this year. Joanne