Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Quilt Month in Canada

To celebrate National Quilt Month in Canada I am going to go to Quilt Canada in London, Ontario and taking two classes. I am also going to Jambo 2011 in London later this week. Jambo is the every other year event for the Quilt Pocket a Yahoo group. The planning committee has all kinds of quilty fun planned for us from Mystery bus tour to donating quilts we have made to the local cancer treatment centre. I seem to be aquiring all kinds of blocks that are ready to turn into quilts but don't seem to be taking that next step. I do however have my machine back from the repair shop. Our weather is finally warming up a bit so some outdoor activities can begin. For me that is hanging the wash on the line and admiring the work hubby does in the garden. Soon we will have our own fresh asparagus. Joanne