Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Storyteller's Sampler

As 2019 winds down here is one final blog hop entry from me. It is for The Storyteller's Sampler and unbelievable Hexagon quilt created by Cinzia White. She does not have a web site but is running the project via a Facebook page. This is the link if you care to join in on the fun.
Storytellers Sampler

The book contains pieced, paper pieced, embroidered and appliqued hexagons. So something for virtually every kind of stitcher.

I selected a foundation paper pieced hexagon just to show you how simple they are and how small they are.
These are my hexie components ready for assembly and with a ruler beside them for a size reference.

And once assembled it looks like this. These single hexagons are then assembled into groups. With each group featuring 7 unique designs.

The instructions are very brief but very clear. The introduction to the book has everything you would need to know about organization to start this project. The quilt itself is very large and there is no reason why an individual couldn't pick and choose they construction technique they want or to make fewer but larger blocks.
The publisher is C&TPublisher (here) and the book is available as both hard copy and in an ebook format. I hope you will have a look. It is a challenge but a good one.
Piecefully, Joanne