Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pretty in Purple, Lovely in Lavender

jen has created another lovely block for us this month. And the colour is purple. So many little girls seem to like purple better than pink these days. Did Frozen have anything to do with that? I will freely admit that with two Grandsons I have limited access to little girls and their opinions.
So here is my block. As you can see it is a simple block that does not take long to put together once the components are stitched. I was trying for an "arty" shot with the blocks lying on the Heather we have growing at the front of the house but the Heather is on its way out for this year.

The first photo I took of the blocks was in very early morning light and somewhat in the shade. I am adding this to show what a difference lighting can make to your pictures.
This one looks more like blue and something faded. I am still learning a lot about taking photos.
Be certain to visit Jen  at Patterns by Jen (here) to get your free pattern. With June starting we are halfway through 2018. I hope you are keeping up and building your own rainbow. And while you are looking around make certain you visit the other members of the Rainbow Crew. Several of whom are offering their own free patterns. Piecefully, Joanne


  1. Girls all seem to have their own diverse opinions these days, but mine does like purple over pink. Lovely rendition of Jen's block.

  2. Thanks for sharing the two different photos. The difference is remarkable. No matter what the "true" color is, it sure is a lovely block! I like the contrast in your version.

  3. I liked that you really made your 2 fabrics very light and very dark compared to others I've seen. What you did is my choice too :)