Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hands to Help Final Linky Party for 2016

The quilting does make a difference. This quilt was a test quilt for The Quilt Pattern Magazine called Big Block Stars. I have donated it to my local Scrapbag group and suspect that some teenage girl may just like it. One of my Scrapbag quilter friends did the quilting for me on her long arm machine. My "planned" donations for H2H this year are not quilted yet as I am unable to go up and down the stairs just yet. I can do the three in the garage with my cane and the railing but do not have the courage to try a full flight just yet. I have quite a stack waiting to be pinned and quilted once I can get up and down more easily. Piecefully, Joanne

Friday, May 20, 2016

Last weekend LEGO saved the day

The boys were up for a visit and we had snow. Yeck!! It is May for goodness sake. They played with the Arctic set and "used their imagination". They are coming back this weekend. It is what we Canadians call The May 2-4 weekend. People open their cottages this weekend. Our little town, on the shores of Lake Huron is already noticeably busier. The weather man is promising some slightly warmer temperatures. So a little outdoor play will be on the agenda.
I am able to sit at my sewing machine for short periods of time as the knee is starting to bend better. It has only been a month and so I should perhaps not be quite so impatient. Everyone says it is looking good. I do not however see the surgeon for another three weeks. And just when you think you should feel a little sorry for yourself  you just need to open your eyes and look around. At Physio last week the patient seeing the physiotherapist after me was one of my classmates from University. She had both knees done the week after I had my single knee done. She  has a tougher road ahead of her. Piecefully, Joanne