Sunday, November 27, 2011

50 quilts from stash challenge nears the finish line

This little baby quilt was made from "waste" triangles and from fabric samples that consisted of black and white squares. All the sample pieces were individually cut to make certain they were all the same. The borders were the strips left after the original pieces were cut. I donated the quilt to Project Linus with the Kincardine Sunset quilters guild.

I have reached 43 in the 50 quilts from stash challenge. The goal is definitely within sight. Sadly I do not think I was overly successful with the Rainbow Stash challenge as most of my quilts seem to have more than one focus colour as part of their design. Joanne

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Flurry of Finishes

This is yet another of the tiny brick pattern quilts. I've made five of them now. I love seeing how different colours "play" together. I have another small box of pink bricks and a larger box with all my leftover bricks. This quilt will go to Kincardine for donation to Project Linus. I have three others that are ready to go next week also. A friend and I went to the keeper of the Scrap Bag quilts and selected 10 to be given to children that were tornado victims in Goderich. After seeing the damage last weekend a full two months after the tornado struck it truly is a miracle that only one person lost his life. Joanne