Friday, February 1, 2019

Turnabout Patchwork, there is something new

By now you may well have seen a few of the fantastic quilts that have been made following the instructions in Teresa's new book Turnabout Patchwork. A few years ago I tested a pattern for her that used the concept she is describing in the book. I will freely admit I do not have good enough spatial sense to do this on my own. But following her directions makes it easy. 

I volunteered to do one of the Half Square Triangle projects. My first mistake was when I made the HST's I was not paying enough attention and instead of using the four at a time strategy for making the HST's I used the two at a time.This left me considerably short of the number I required to duplicate the pattern in the book. But my blocks were much bigger so instead of several blocks I created fewer but larger.

This then is a four block Swirl top. It is actually big enough to be a small baby quilt. 

I had four blocks left so decided to rearrange them a little and got this.

So you can perhaps see this is a flexible block and a really flexible strategy.

 To create the units you need for the block you take your squared up HST and cut it into four equal pieces. Those sub-units are what you play with.

Teresa has kindly offered an e-copy of her book as a draw prize for comments left on various blogs. Please feel free to leave a comment but please with some way of contacting you as I have not heard back from my previous draw winner and will have to move on to person 2 this weekend. Draw for the e-book will be next week, February 9th.

The following is a list of the Blog Hop participants. I suspect you will enjoy having a look at what they have created. Piecefully, Joanne

Blog hop schedule

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February 1 - Modern Shoofly

Flying Rainbows
Flying Butterflies
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February 2 - Half Square Triangles (HSTs) and squares

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February 4 - Striped Fabric Block

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February 6 - Coordinated Strips

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February 8 - Double Disappearing Nine-Patch

Holiday Trellis
Stepping Stones
Two for One

Back to the Colour Challenge February is PINK

Last year Jen of Patterns by Jen (here) offered a monthly colour challenge. Each month had a designated colour and by visiting her blog you were given freely a 12" block and a 6" block designed for that month and colour.

The plan has changed a little for this year. Only a 12" block is being offered monthly and instead of a repeating group of 6 or 7 bloggers she has opened up the blogging to a wide variety of bloggers. She has also identified a flower that represents the colour for the month. This month's flower is Carnation.

I was doing well last year until I got sick and am hoping I am well enough now to start catching up. but first I will show you my February 2019 PINK block.

Once I had picked out my fabrics this block took less than an hour to assemble. So with a month to do the task you should be good to go. I hope you will join Jen for this monthly challenge. Stop by her blog (here) any time this month to get your copy of this free pattern. and don't forget that towards the end of the month there is a olink up party with a draw prize.  Piecefully, Joanne

Make certain to stop by the other designated bloggers for this month to see how they put together a pink carnation.

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