Sunday, October 23, 2016

And yet more testing, but this time there is something different

Diane at Fromblankpages recently expanded her tester pool and I had the good fortune to be included. Almost right away there was a block for testing. What made this call different and I thought rather brilliant was she asked that people make the 12" block and mail it to a central location and that one person would then assemble this into a charity quilt. I have dozens if not hundreds of orphan testing blocks. But I was a little late to the party and sending blocks across the border can take unexpected amounts of time. So I volunteered to test the 9" block. For her designs she uses templates that you precut and then use when you are paper piecing. Certainly cuts down on fabric waste and makes for more efficient sewing time. The pattern is now available (here). Most of the "modern" quilters have put a rainbow spin on their blocks. I opted for a two colour block and I feel that it works. Take some time to visit her blog and view her designs. she is a very talented designer. Piecefully, Joanne