Friday, May 18, 2012

Perhaps 50% yellow will count

I was given a baggie of 1 1/2" yellow squares andsome 1 1/2" strips. The next questions was what to do with them. I have always wanted to try the Bento box design and Tracy Brookshier's revised pattern has directions for creating the block using 1 1/2" strips. So I used up some of the small squares andsome of the strips. I had all kinds of blue. This little quilt is roughly 24" by 30". I still had all kinds of yellow squares and not as many strips so I have started working on the same size block but more of them to make a larger quilt.
I attended an "official" Bento box workshop this week after making my first little one and was rather disappointed. The instructor only had one sample and it only showed one variation. The revised pattern gives cutting directions for 5 different sizes of strips and shows several different lay outs.
My trunk show in Kincardine went well and they asked if I would do a workshop next year. I said as long as it wasn't in the winter I would do one. Winter driving in our area can be awful or even impossible. The Hwy that goes through our town is the one that is closed most often during the winter months.
I am really hoping that once we get through the next month or so that I can get back to some more regular sewing sessions. I miss them.  Joanne