Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nothing quilty has been finished around here for over a week. Several projects are moving along towards completion. Last week we had our grandsons here. The boys are almost 3 and 4 1/2. So they had our undivided attention for the time they were here. Our daughter and her family are relocating to Virginia once they sell their house. Our son-in-law has now "moved" to Virginia. He was to start work today.
My Scrap Bag group last week went well. All 10 kits were either worked on or taken home for a friend to complete. Hopefully they will come back in February as tops or better yet as quilts. I am working on a baby quilt in pinks using the same block pattern but with the tiny bricks. Looks like 80 blocks will make a nice size baby quilt.
Judy L's UFO challenge beat me this month. I don't know why. And the new number for this month is the other Bargello I had on my list. It's a short month. I'll have to get cracking. Joanne

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  1. Hi Joanne Thanks for your nice comment on my chevron strings quilt over on the String Thing Challenge Blog. I just love that blue brick quilt that you did for the Blue Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I didn't have a lot of blue scraps so I cut some...now I have another tub full. I started on a red project today. You are right...it's a short month so we'll have to sew fast. I'll be back to see photos of your Bargello.