Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Day Holiday in Ontario

Tomorrow is Family Day in Ontario. It is a mid-winter holiday where families are encouraged to spend time together. Our family lives about two hours away from us so today while the weather looked OK we made a run for it. I delivered the blue and yellow quilt to my sister and the little hot mat pictured to the left. The plates set on the placemats give you some sense of scale. I still have more of these tiny HST to make into something.
We got our hug bank replenished by the grandsons. And had a lovely birthday lunch to celebrate all the February birthdays. Grandson number 2, his Dad, his other Grandma and my Husband all have February birthdays. It meant the other three at the table had to sing Happy Birthday extra loud.
I have my Scrap Bag group this week, something I always look forward to. I am wondering who was able to finish the project from last month. Joanne

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