Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scrapbag quilters today

I am looking forward to our monthly Scrapbag Quilters meeting today. I am taking 7 quilts that are finished and ready to add to our "inventory". We are always low in January because our main distribution time is late November/early December. This big quilt I will be sad to see go but it needs to find a home. I made it as a test for The Quilt Pattern Magazine long enough ago that I no longer remember its actual name. I think it was called Interlocked. It is 79" square. June S. one of my fellow Scrapbaggers long arm quilted it for me. She did a lovely job. The other quilts I have are smaller baby sized quilts. I am really trying hard to take my pile of tops from tops to finished and donated quilts. Piecefully, Joanne
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  1. Lovely quilt, someone will be very thankful,pleased and warm because of you. I'll thank you for them.

  2. What a lovely thing to do. And your quilt is lovely also.