Sunday, January 10, 2016

A couple of test blocks and things I am learning

These are two blocks I tested for Kristy over at Quiet Play (here) .
She has done a whole series of geometric designs. I love turtles and asked her to do me a turtle sometime when she had a moment and you can see the result. A lovely little turtle. The elephant was part of her most recent call for testers and this is the one that I learned something on. ROOKIE paper piecing error, print actual size no scaling or sized to fit. So my elephant is a tad too small. but here is my problem, on Windows 10 I can't find the instruction to make it actual size. It is one thing to realize your error, it is another not to be able to fix it.
Looking out the window this afternoon is not a fun experience we are in a Snow Squall Watch and there is all kinds of snow blowing around. I can live with that as long as I don't have to go out in it. so for today I am OK but I do need to go out tomorrow. Maybe it will be nicer? Piecefully, Joanne

Edited to say: Problem solved!


  1. I googled your problem. Does this help?

  2. I am still using Windows 7 because they never fixed any of the problems with each upgrade. At some point I will have to go to 10 or things won't work with other programs. We are having Spring like weather which is so ODD - sure we will pay for it at soon.