Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My G7

Sometimes life gifts you and I feel as though I have been gifted with my own G7, not to be confused with what most of the world sees as G7. My G7 started just over 25 years ago when 14 grade 7 & 8 Family Studies (Home Economics) teachers got together to share teaching ideas. Most of us knew one other person at the three day session but no one knew everyone in attendance. At that time most grade 7 & 8 Family Studies teachers were the only one in their school, so unlike a Math or Language teacher you did not have anyone close by that could help you implement new ideas or share strategies with. We had such a great time and got so many ideas at the first event we decided to do it again. Now, 25 years later we are all retired, our numbers are stabilized at 7 and we call our selves the G 7 because it is simpler than Grade Seven and Eight and Nine Teachers group. We have been SET, then SENT but G7 works for us now.
This past weekend we had another get together. What a great time! We share the cooking duties and everyone brings their sewing machines and their works in progress. No two members of the group work in the same style so it is like a mini quilt show to see what every one is working on. This time we also took in a play at the local theatre. Once we knew about the play I got the book out of the library and read it. I wondered how in the world it could be made into a one woman play. It was beyond fantastic. The book and the play are called Confessions of a Fairies Daughter.
Most of the time we spent indoors doing our thing, cooking, eating, sewing, laughing so we missed the big tree falling in the back yard. The wind was very strong and it didn't surprise us to see the tree down but we had not heard a thing. So for my photo to go with this blog post I am adding a tree falls down in the back yard.
Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of a group like that Joanne!