Sunday, March 24, 2013

What keeps me busy

These are the two young men  who will occupy a little more of my time than usual over the next couple of months. Their Mom will be packing up and getting ready for the second move in a year. Not something I would wish on anyone. Hopefully it will be the last move for a while.
But it is not all babysitting. Friday and Saturday I went to Toronto and attended the Ontario Home Economics Association Annual General Meeting and Conference. I was a founding member of the Association over 30 years ago and have maintained my membership over the years. I met some bright and articulate and well informed younger members this year. It made me feel the Association is in good hands. One young home economist maintains a web site and a blog here . She has a wealth of information about sodium and other hidden ingredients in your food. Well worth investigating. I have my kits all ready for Scrap Bag day on Wednesday this week. So let another week begin.  Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. It's hard to say no when it comes to babysitting your grand kids. Some weeks seem pretty busy but they do grow fast. My oldest grand daughter is going to be eleven. It was a shock when she came but wouldn't trade any minute with her. The years go by so fast. She was our first angel and now we have three more.