Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double the laughs with Double Slice

No pictures today to protect the identities of the "guilty" parties. What a day we had at Scrapbag Quilters yesterday! We got a good start right at 9:00. I had two sample quilts to show the pattern. I posted pictures of these a couple of weeks ago. I explained how to do the block, showed it with a sample and handed out written and pictorial instructions. All I can say is then let the fun begin. By the end of the afternoon we were giggling something fierce and suggesting that "mistake" was variation 10. We doubled the salary of our presser when we doubled her responsibilities and added quality control to her title.
All in good fun and we finished the day with 5 good size quilt tops either assembled or almost assembled. Mine is to the blocks stage but I had other things to do so did not get as much sewing in as I had thought I might.
Next month we are having a finish up day where we will work on kits that have been made for other times and not yet completed. Joanne

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