Monday, June 6, 2016

Modern Quilt Guild Ireland QAL

The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland is having a Quilt Along featuring the Dutch Rose block. One of those blocks I love. They are making it a rainbow block and have explained a bit about the colour wheel in their first post. You can make a small (baby) quilt with 5" squares or a larger quilt with 10" squares or likely even fat quarters. A couple of years ago our guild did an exchange of 5" charms. Each month was designated with a different colour. At the end of the year we were given a pattern to use but it just didn't fit so I had two baggies full of rainbow inspired charms to pick from. You can find the beginning details of the quilt along here Even if you don't decide to do it you will learn something about the colour wheel from reading their blog.
I got the go ahead to drive today so that is good. He wants my knee to bend a little more and says that when I go back in a month he can give me an anesthetic and "tweek" it a little to make it bend more. So I will be celebrating the 4th of July with another trip to the city to see the doctor. Piecefully, Joanne


  1. WooHoo - mobility!! I had 'frozen knee' when mine was pins/wired and I had to push it against the wall each day until one day it 'snapped'. Scared me but I quess it popped the freeze because it was so good after that. (and I dodged something worse).

  2. What a great use for your charms. They are very nicely graded.

  3. I love that you are using up your charm collection for the Rainbow Rose - thanks a million for joining in!