Friday, April 15, 2016

Such a busy week

Monday started with some gym time and then a trip to the hospital for my pre-surgery physio session. They had booked me on the wrong day for my original visit. A hip day not a knee day so I was able to get everything but the physio done on the first visit. So I am measured for a walker and have my starting exercise information.
Tuesday I taught a class for the local quilt shop. Our intention was to have a class that would be good for a beginner but not a total beginner. This pattern is from the book Three Times the Charm Book 2 by Me and My Sisters designs. The book has several patterns made with Charms and a small amount of yardage. they make small quilts but you can use more charms and make them bigger if you wish.
Wednesday was Quilt Guild in Kincardine. The Snow birds have returned and show and tell was worth the price of admission. So many new ideas coming from south of the border. And those of us who stay in the north for the winter had some items to share also.
Thursday I worked at the store, Shoreline Quilts in Port Elgin. I was making a store sample and testing the pattern before she made up some kits. Good thing I did as there were errors in the pattern.
Friday, today, another session at the gym, hair cut, pedicure and then a trip to the city to pick up the boys for the weekend.
I hope to find my sewing machine for a few moments in the next day or two. Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. Are you getting some hand work ready for the first couple of weeks, I don't remember if you said which knee or not. How long are the Dr.s saying before you can sew again? Oh, another excuse to buy more sewing books too. When is the surgery? Praying for a quick recovery.