Friday, March 11, 2016

I may have to recognize that I can no longer multitask the way I used to

Title of blog has not got much to do with the photo but it is a starting place. We came home Sunday from a marvellous two week vacation on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. We all agreed this was the best resort we had ever been to. In the photo you may be able to identify the worker cutting down coconuts for Saturday night's drink for the evening buffet. No slightly attired native shinnying up the tree. This harvest involved a macheted worker on a forklift. Saturday evening the resort featured dinner (weather permitting) dinner under the stars with a Caribbean theme. Weather permitted both Saturday's we were there.
It felt strange to do absolutely no sewing for two whole weeks. I read a few non-taxing novels and enjoyed the sunshine. The first week our family was there so I got to watch the boys now 8 & 9 thoroughly enjoying the pool everyday. Meal time was family time. We set a meeting time and enjoyed lunch and dinner together.
Now it is back to reality. My knee replacement surgery is set for later in April and the pre surgery appointments are stacking up. I am a little nervous but both of my local quilting friends have had the work done by the same surgeon so he comes well recommended.
Earlier this week I took a younger friend out to the local International Women's Day celebration. I find I can no longer multitask the way I once could. At our table two people were 20 years younger than I am and the remainder were 30 years younger. They had their devices going and talking and etc. etc. etc.
So I am going to work on trying to finish off a few things and get my scraps a little more under control (so what else is new?). Maybe writing down a list that I can stick with would help? Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. Personally, I hate when the younger crowd is too wrapped up in the electronical items while they are in a group of people. To me, they should be enjoying the company they are actually with. Do what makes you happy and comfortable.