Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A little more testing fun

This lovely 12" paper pieced block was designed by Kristy at Quiet Play. She had a few out for testing and I was able to snag this one. As I have come to expect from her designs it went together beautifully. The one mistake I have spotted is mine and not hers. The other designs she had out were a mermaid, a cat  looking out a window and of all things a pig. I don't know where the other designs are in the testing process but eventually they will be available through her store.
I have done a couple of "I cannot talk about it" tests this month too. Enough said.
On the home front we continue to have our lesser moments. I would show my wrist from the attempted insertion of an IV drip but I might lose the limited readership I already have. I had not planned on a three day stay at the local hospital but that was what happened last weekend. They do look after you well there but I am happy to be home and on the mend.
I taught a strings workshop for my Guild this month and also had my turn for the Scrapbag group project. So a lot of preparation. Both events went well.
Bill and I got away for a shortened trip to Stratford. We went on the light side for this year's entertainment and saw Carousel and Sound of Music. The only down part was that our friend Ray was not well enough to travel from Cincinnati to enjoy the shows. He is hoping for next year. It is the first year he has missed in the 40 since he started driving up here.
I am hoping October brings some finishes. I have 2 three day get a ways with different sewing buddies so maybe there is hope. Piecefully, Joanne


  1. I'm a lurker but wanted to say a picture of the attempted insertion of an IV wouldn't make me drop following you ;-) I love seeing all the things you do.

  2. You really nailed the dragon and the colours just remind me of a medi evil scene :)

  3. The dragon looks great! Thank you for refraining from showing of your medical garb. I don't want to faint. I hope you are recovered from the medical crisis.