Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reflecting on 2014, Looking forward to 2015, Focusing on a glass half full

As I rev my engines (slowly) for a new year I like to reflect back on the year just finishing. I completed 42 quilts, most of them have found new homes with the local Scrapbag group of through Project Linus. I am still enjoying doing that type of sewing and certainly plan to continue that. DH really wants me to reduce the stash so it can be a win-win. Several other projects of the "secret" variety were done and they are not included in my total. I have found that I really enjoy testing quilt patterns for other designers. I know I will never be a designer but I can follow directions and proof read well.
I met and then exceeded my target of 50 books for the 50 book pledge. The next question is which book did I like the best. That is almost the impossible question. I enjoyed The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi and In the Shadow of the Banyon by Vaddey Ratner. Both these books give the reader insides into another culture.
The photo for today's post is some of my Christmas break sewing. Grandson #1 brought his new "stuffie" with him when he came for the holidays. First he wanted a sleeping bag for his stuffie, then a pillow, then a stuffie for his stuffie and then a suitcase so his stuffie could carry his stuffie. Are you still with me? I drew the line at a hat for the stuffie. So a little piece of minkee made a little fish for the cat and scraps of cotton came in handy for the rest of the items.
As to the glass half full. I was thinking that as I stitched a new binding onto a quilt sized quilt. This poor quilt had been loved to bits over the last 15 years and was literally falling apart. I repaired it as best I could and then spent most of a day sewing the binding in place. It isn't perfect but it has a few more years to give some warmth. The glass half empty person would say throw it out, the glass half full person would be happy the quilt is still in use and the owner does not want to part with it just yet.
Wishing all the best for my followers and anyone else who stumbles across my blog.  Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. 42 quilts is impressive! I find it woderful that you are a tester - what fun to play with diversity. I haven't had more than a blankie request for stuffies - that is too cute.