Thursday, January 2, 2014

Refreshing the pages for 2014

I keep a book (not an electronic list) and my new pages are set up. One page for finished quilts and one for books read. I did start a UFO list and decided that would not be focused on the positive. I looked back over my books read list for 2013 when asked to pick a favourite five and came up with this small list, not in any particular . The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. It has a lot of violence in it that is very graphically described but at the same time it tells the story of the early days in Canada from a different perspective than we normally get. How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny. This is the latest Inspector Gamache book and the best one yet in my opinion. The series is very character driven. I have read them in order and would recommend doing that but she has gone on record as saying that is unnecessary. The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo. In this book a poor Chinese girl is asked to be the bride of a dead rich Chinese man. there is a lot of Chinese folk lore about the afterlife in this story. W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton. What can I say, every book is like a visit with an old friend. I suppose once we hit Z I will have to start over at A if I want to visit. Three Souls by Janie Chang is the last of my mini five. Another one with a lot of folklore about the afterlife built in. It complimented The Ghost Bride quite nicely.
At this time of year many new BOM's and Quilt Alongs are starting up. I am resisting for the moment as I have so many quilts that are started one way or another and they need to be finished.
So my wish for any readers who stop by is a happy and most of all a healthy new year. Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. Interesting list of books. Makes me want to go out and find them, but then they'd be added to the pile that somehow never seems to diminish here!