Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where does the time go?

This quilt is ready to go to the Scrapbag group on Wednesday this week. It was a Mystery quilt started on the Mystery for Relay yahoo group. Believe it or not I still have blue scraps after finishing this one. Marge ran this again as a New Year's Mystery so there are likely many of them around. I like the simple clean lines.
The Mystery quilt on the right is not quilted but it is assembled. The Kincardine Sunset Quilt guild had a Mystery class for this one. I sewed all day long and did not think I was anywhere near finished. Got everything out the next day and surprised myself with how close I actually was to being finished.

Today I sent in my final binding numbers for the cross Canada adventure with the Canadian Quilters Association. This fun activity went on for 6 months and the goal was to see if members and member guilds could sew enough binding to cross Canada. My final total for the 6 month activity was 4602 inches or approximately 128 yards.

I had the pleasure of seeing an article I wrote in the most recent issue of the Canadian Quilter. I wrote about Virtual Groups and what they might offer to some specific quilters. I have enjoyed getting back to doing a little writing. Keeps my mind active if nothing else. Piecefully, Joanne

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