Thursday, January 10, 2013

Every day is a good day to quilt, Wednesdays are especially good

Yesterday was Kincardine Sunset Quilt Guild meeting. The weather was good and we got there and back with no problems. I do so enjoy that group. The quilt in today's photo is a recent finish. It is for the Scrapbag group. Cathy made the kits for us and she has a wonderful sense of colour. My quilt is very "manly" with fish and deer and forest scenes scattered through the browns and greens. It was made with 2 1/2" strips.
Wednesday does seem to be special quilting day with the Scrapbag Quilters meeting on Wednesdays and my Sewcializer group meets Wednesday. Fortunately they share the time so there are no conflicts.
I had an interview before Christmas for a magazine article for Renaissance magazine. It is a magazine for retired elementary teachers in Ontario. The theme for the upcoming issue is Popular Pastimes and Hobbies.
My sister visited her wheelchair bound friend and gave her the little lap quilt I made. Apparently it was a big hit as she loves purple and this one was primarily mauves and soft colours. She is going to let Linda know how it works for her so I can eventually get feed back on the size and the ties I added.
The boys are coming up tonight as there are more labour issues in the schools and at this time it looks like a one day strike tomorrow. It is being called a study session or some such thing.
Have a pieceful weekend.  Joanne

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