Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another set of bricks

This simple brick quilt has been waiting for a while to get quilted. I managed to get several quilts quilted this week and this one got its binding sewn down too. The Canadian Quilters Association is having a fun challenge and it started on September 1st. Members keep track of how many inches of binding they are able to sew and once a month report in to the director at large. Guilds are being encouraged to take on the challenge so the director at large will not have a mailbox crash on reporting day. We are going to see how far across the TransCanada Trail we can stitch. I have completed the binding on two small quilts and this one for a total so far of 368". Imagine how far we can go if all the members particpate!
It is going to be a quilty week. Kincardine Sunset Quilt Guild starts up this week and then I have a few days away with some friends for some quality sewing time and some laughs and good food thrown in too. Piecefully yours, Joanne

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