Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grey-Bruce Home Economics group

What a tremendous day! We created a quilt top for the Habitat for Humanity build in Hanover. The sun was very bright when we took the picture so it is a little washed out. The pattern is from a Turn Twenty book. I think it was Turn Twenty Times Four. The quilt took 20 fat quarters and then two borders. The colours we used were in the purple/royal family with a few hints of green. An analagous colour scheme for sure. The organizers had the plan well in hand. I was a sewer for the day. We had pressers, cutters, design wall people. Everyone had a job. The day was not as frantic this year as last so there was more time for visiting. We enjoyed a lovely pot luck lunch. Our host's cottage is right on the shore at Big Bay so when we weren't doing our designated task we had a beautiful view out the many windows. Piecefully, Joanne

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