Friday, July 15, 2011

QAYG Apple Core Table Runner from Quilt Canada Class

Much as I tried to avoid being in the picture a part of me is there. This is the Quilt As You Go Table Runner project from one of the classes I took at Quilt Canada in May. It is much brighter and bolder than I normally go. There was technique to this table runner and I think I could do better on a second one. I do however like this one.

My trip to Virginia last weekend was good. It was very HOT there. I did manage to get to a quilt shop and I did manage to help out the local economy.The lady at the front desk of the hotel told me about another shop but a visit to that shop will have to wait until my next trip south.

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  1. It's nice Joanne, Apple Core has been on my long term list,good job.