Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kincardine Sunset Quilters wrap up another year

Two of the women who took my Scrap Quilt Workshop in May brought their tops for show and share. I couldn't resist taking a photo. I thought they did a terrific job.
It was a busy meeting. Draws were made for the various blocks of the month. I was sad not to win any of the draws but in a way relieved because it meant I did not have to find a block and make the kits for the same month next year. We had a terrific pot luck lunch. Many delicious salads. I love that as you can have a taste of so many different things. Several quinoa salads made an appearance this year. After lunch was done and cleaned up and the tables and chairs put away so that the Bridge players could take over for the afternoon we went on a little fabric acquisition road trip. There are Mennonite shops in the area and I did not know much about them. One car lead the way and the second car followed. There is no electricity in the shops so determining exact colour matches can be a challenge. I found a few pieces of fabric that decided they would be better off with me than staying at the shops.
And I won a GiveAway on Sharon Vrooman's blog. She was giving away some charm packs and had two designed for the US and two for International. Since I was unfamiliar with all of them I said in my "comment" that whatever was available should I win would be fine. I was delighted to get an Avalon charm pack and a happy-go-lucky charm pack.
Piecefully, Joanne

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