Friday, June 17, 2016

A test project I can now show

Jen, over at Patterns by Jen (PBJ) (here) is launching her Star Light, Star Bright sampler today. I made the small size it is approximately 30" square. She has a larger quilt and a couple of table runners in the pattern also. As one might expect I made mine scrappy. A friend had given me a baggie with many of the pieces of used for this little project. I put a nice soft flannel on the back and it is now ready to donate.
I am so happy to be back sewing again and am back to pattern testing also.
Physio is progressing reasonably well. Knee is bending, just not as far as it is supposed to. I see the doctor again in early July.
My main sewing machine has had a trip to the spa and it isn't the same sewing on the back up but I imagine there are many thousands of people who either don't have a machine or for sure don't have a back up.
It is starting to look like a fairly busy summer. The boys are going to spend a big chuck of July with their other Grandma and then they will spend three weeks (every other week) here in August. Piecefully, Joanne
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Modern Quilt Guild Ireland QAL

The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland is having a Quilt Along featuring the Dutch Rose block. One of those blocks I love. They are making it a rainbow block and have explained a bit about the colour wheel in their first post. You can make a small (baby) quilt with 5" squares or a larger quilt with 10" squares or likely even fat quarters. A couple of years ago our guild did an exchange of 5" charms. Each month was designated with a different colour. At the end of the year we were given a pattern to use but it just didn't fit so I had two baggies full of rainbow inspired charms to pick from. You can find the beginning details of the quilt along here Even if you don't decide to do it you will learn something about the colour wheel from reading their blog.
I got the go ahead to drive today so that is good. He wants my knee to bend a little more and says that when I go back in a month he can give me an anesthetic and "tweek" it a little to make it bend more. So I will be celebrating the 4th of July with another trip to the city to see the doctor. Piecefully, Joanne

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scraps as therapy

This was a strong motivator for me to get back to my sewing machine and working. I had to be able to bend my knee enough to sit at the table. I am happy to say, I reached that point about two weeks ago and have been stitching ever since. Mind you it is in short bursts of time and then I need to move around a bit. Guess I need to build up my tolerance again.
I do not remember who gave me these scraps. Or most of them. I cut them all to 1 1/2" squares and added some from my scrap heap that I thought would work well with the core group. I stitched them together Leader and Ender style. First one I saw as light with one I saw as dark. Pressing all to the dark. Then those were joined into four patches and then sixteen patches. Once we were at that stage I let them talk to me from the design floor. I had 60 sixteen patches which would have made a really long skinny quilt. So I went with using 56 sixteen patches and kept four for corner blocks. One of my friends drove me to the local quilt shop and I picked out this border fabric. I will be happy to be able to drive myself places after tomorrow's check in with the surgeon.
I have done a lot of reading in the last few weeks but am anxious to get back to doing something more hands on. Piecefully, Joanne
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hands to Help Final Linky Party for 2016

The quilting does make a difference. This quilt was a test quilt for The Quilt Pattern Magazine called Big Block Stars. I have donated it to my local Scrapbag group and suspect that some teenage girl may just like it. One of my Scrapbag quilter friends did the quilting for me on her long arm machine. My "planned" donations for H2H this year are not quilted yet as I am unable to go up and down the stairs just yet. I can do the three in the garage with my cane and the railing but do not have the courage to try a full flight just yet. I have quite a stack waiting to be pinned and quilted once I can get up and down more easily. Piecefully, Joanne

Friday, May 20, 2016

Last weekend LEGO saved the day

The boys were up for a visit and we had snow. Yeck!! It is May for goodness sake. They played with the Arctic set and "used their imagination". They are coming back this weekend. It is what we Canadians call The May 2-4 weekend. People open their cottages this weekend. Our little town, on the shores of Lake Huron is already noticeably busier. The weather man is promising some slightly warmer temperatures. So a little outdoor play will be on the agenda.
I am able to sit at my sewing machine for short periods of time as the knee is starting to bend better. It has only been a month and so I should perhaps not be quite so impatient. Everyone says it is looking good. I do not however see the surgeon for another three weeks. And just when you think you should feel a little sorry for yourself  you just need to open your eyes and look around. At Physio last week the patient seeing the physiotherapist after me was one of my classmates from University. She had both knees done the week after I had my single knee done. She  has a tougher road ahead of her. Piecefully, Joanne

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some of my old skills are returning

This is the Go Board for alida's Play with Me Quilt Along. Each month she is releasing a new board and it is made using a different needlework skill. This month I had to brush up on my embroidery skills. They are slowly returning. I used a cross stitch, a back stitch, and a stem stitch. For rows that were duplicate stitches I varied the ply I used. The whole thing needs a good press but I can't get the walker into the ironing board so that task will have to wait.
Note that I am not posting any photos of my 38 staple knee or today's definitely yellow leg as the bruises come out.  Joining up with Alida's Linky party (here)where you can see some other boards. Some decided to use the fancy stitches on their sewing machines. Piecefully, Joanne

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hands to Help progress report and more scraps turned into tops

These two quilt tops will eventually become my Hands to Help donations for this year. The one on the upper left started as some 9 patches and some 1 1/2" strips. It grew to this point, (35" x 43"). The one on the right is a bit smaller at 26" x 30". It is all 1 1/2" squares sewn together as leaders and enders. I am working on another one and will definitely make it bigger. My younger grandson held these up for me. He thought I should hold them up since I made the quilts. And he would take the pictures. I won that particular discussion.
He and I went to see the new Jungle Book movie on Saturday afternoon. That showing was 2D. His older brother said he didn't want to go. Good choice. Grandson number 2 liked it but we both figured number one would have found it a bit too much. I did close my eyes for the snake part.
Only sewing that has happened this weekend is some mending of trousers. Piecefully, Joanne

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