Sunday, January 27, 2013

Celtic knot duvet cover done and on the bed

This project has taken far too long to finish. I cannot remember how long ago I made the top. A couple of years ago at least. It was presented as a mystery on a blog with a new section every couple of weeks. Deborah Cohen in Australia created the original design. I believe a pattern can be purchased that has different sizes. This one is a queen size. We wanted to make it a duvet cover. So I "quilted" the finished top to a layer of cotton, no batting between the layers. For the back of the duvet cover I used some extra wide quilt backing. I joined the front and back with a zipper so it will be easy to take off the bed and laundered as needed. It is "scrappy" in that the pinks, whites and blacks are various pieces. The mottled grey with pink in it was the only piece of fabric that was used consistently throughout the entire quilt. I am happy with it. The other bed upstairs also needs a new duvet cover so I need to keep working.  Piecefully, Joanne

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  1. It looks nice Joanne. Feels good to get a long overdue quilt done doesn't it?